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Dino Encounters: Dinosaur Zoo

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Dino Encounters: Dinosaur Zoo utilizes Augmented Reality, a new technology that superimposes 3D objects, animations and audio over the real world to convey information in a fun and interactive way. Children are able to bring each dinosaur to life, watch it move, hear it as it may have sounded and learn about its characteristics, behaviors and environment. This app fosters a hands on interactive approach to learning making the experience an improvement over the static presentation of similar material.

Travel back in time 66 million years to the end of the late Cretaceous period and encounter the dinosaurs of North America. Learn about the giant Alamosourus, Deinonychus, Stygimoloch, Pteranodon, Triceratops and the fiercest predator of all time the Tyrannosaurus rex. Using the on screen controls, interact with the 3 dimensional dinosaurs. Make him roar, move, read and listen to facts about each dinosaur. You can even take a picture of yourself with the dinosaur and share it with your friends on social media.

Dino Encounters is incorporated under E3 Ventures Inc. a California Corporation. E3 Ventures/Dino Encounters is a company started by a mother that is committed to creating exceptional educational applications and entertainment for children everywhere. Our apps are advertisement free. We are not collecting user information and nothing will be shared anywhere to anyone. If there is any issue with the performance of the app, please contact support@dinoencounters.com.

Download the PDF targets to view at home.

More dinos are on the way!

Alamosaurus Ankylosaurus Argentinosaurus Baryonyx Carnotaurus Compsognathus Deinonychus Dilophosaurus Dimetrodon Dimorphodon Gallimimus Iguanodon Kentrosaurus Ouranosaurus Oviraptor Pachycephalosaurus Parasaurolophus Protoceratops Pteranodon Quetzalcoatlus Spinosaurus Stegosaurus Styracosaurus Triceratops Troodon Tyrannosaurus Rex


1) Print the target from a color printer and print on paper or non-glossy cardstock.
2) Open and start the app
3) Select the orientation of the target either standing upright or laying flat on a table. Avoid using the target where there is a lot of glare or low light.
4) Point the camera of the device towards the target and wait, the app will scan for the target and then display the corresponding dinosaur.

Trouble Shooting:

If you restart your phone after purchasing or clear the phone cache, then try to use with a target, you could be prompted repeatedly to purchase the dinosaur/pack. However, this is not necessary. Once you have purchased a dinosaur or a group of dinosaurs, you cannot be charged twice as long as you use the same Google/IOS account. But if you restarted or cleared the cache, the app can “forget” that you purchased and must reconnect to the Google/IOS store to verify your previous purchase. Go through the purchase process again and this will unlock the dinosaurs without charging you a second time. The purchase is controlled by the app store, not by us or our app. We cannot charge you twice.