Dino Encounters Store - Dino Encounters Expedition Party



This is an all-encompassing party package. In addition to several educational activities, Dino Encounters will bring its entire herd to your party and perform its Dino Encounters Show! This show takes the audience on a tour of the late cretaecous period. It  uses audience participation, humor, and music to share interesting facts about dinosaurs. Children will get to see and learn about many different dinosaurs and will even get to learn a song and dance with Razer the Rapping Raptor! In addition to the show, the Expedition party includes one of our dinosaur rides, (subject to availability).

This base price for this party is $1750 for up to 20 children; $20 for each additional child.  This party is approximately a 2.5-3 hr. party depending on the number of children.

Activities Include:

  • Complementary Party Pack-Personalized Invitation, Thank You cards, Party Favor Tags, Birthday Banner 
  • The Dino Encounters Show with Rocky the Trex! Includes backdrop and sound system
  • Sort the Dino Bones
  • Dinosaur Dig Excavation- We provide the googles, hammer and chisel. The children may keep theh plastic dinosaur as a party favor
  • Fossil Box-Learn about and touch real fossils!
  • Volcano Eruption-Lean how volcanos form and what happens during an eruption!
  • Interact with and have photos taken with the herd. Rocky the Trex, Razer the Rapping Raptor, Rebel the baby TRex Scully the Stygimoloch or Scout the baby Triceratops that hatches from an egg right at the party!
  • A Dinosaur ride (subject to availability)

Contact us to learn about additional customziations and options such as our optional Jurrasic Environment Party Decor Package, photographer, videographer, personalized party T-shirts, gift bags, and unique party favors!

 This party takes 1.5 hr. to set up and approximately 45 min. to take down.