Dino Encounter Ranger Training Party


  • Dino Encounter Ranger Party
  • Dino Encounter Ranger Party
  • Dino Encounter Ranger Party
  • Dino Encounters Ranger Party
  • Dino Encounter Ranger Party


Dino Encounter Ranger Training Party

These Dino Rangers in training are granted access to the Dino Encounters Field Lab where they are introduced to the various scientific methods paleontologists use in their excavation and identification of dinosaur remains. Rangers in training will also get to learn the basics of T-Rex wrangling by interacting with a real adolescent 14ft T-Rex named Rocky. Rangers will get to work with Rocky on his basic commands and learn to lead him on a chain.  

This base price for this party is $950 for up to 20 children; $3.75 per additional child per activity over 20 children. This party is approximately a 2.5-3 hr. party depending on the number of children.

Travel allowance: Anything outside of Orange County we need to charge for gas and time. $25/hr. travel time and $3/gal or current market price for gas.

Cancellation Policy: Deposits are non-refundable. In the event of rain, events have an opportunity to reschedule one time. Dino Encounters reserves the right to cancel a reservation if payment in full is not received within 24 hours of the event. In addition, Dino Encounters reserves the right to cancel and or leave an event if there is hostility, foul language, abuse of alcohol or drugs or Dino Encounters determines there is risk of injury to its staff or damage to its property. If damages occur to Dino Encounters property while at an event by the host of the party or any of its guests, the host of the party will be held financially responsible.

Activities Include:

  • Complementary Party Invitation pack-Personalized invitation, thank you card, party favor tags, water bottle labels, birthday banner, Cupcake toppers, food tents. Print these on your own color printer and card stock or take to Kinkos or a vendor online.
  • Meet Razer the rapping raptor!
  • Dino Tooth Necklace - Build your own party favor
  • Sort the Dino bones
  • Dino Egg Hatch - includes party favor
  • Dino Cave Fossil Hunt - includes a bag of real fossils, crinoids, ammonites, and shark teeth
  • Erupting Fossil Excavation- includes party favor
  • Volcano Eruption
  • Rocky the T-Rex interaction time!
  • Check out our optional add-ons in our store.

This party takes 1.5 hr. to set up and approximately 45 min. to take down.