Dino Encounters Store - Paleontologist In Training Party



Paleontologist in Training Party allows children to become Paleontologists for the day. They learn hands on how real paleontologists excavate dinosaur bones and they also get to interact with an actual Jurassic World 14 ft. walking and roaring Trex named Rocky.

This party is designed for children 3-10 years old and aligns with Next Generation Science Standards. This base price for this party is $750 for up to 20 children; $3.75 per additional child per activity over 20 children. This party is approximately a 1.5-2 hr. party depending on the number of children.

Activities include:

  • Complementary Party Invitation pack-Personalized invitation, thank you card, party favor tags, water bottle labels, birthday banner, Cupcake toppers, food tents. Print these on your own color printer and card stock or take to Kinkos or a vendor online.
  • Dino Tooth Necklace - Build your own party favor
  • Sort the Dino bones
  • Dino Egg Hatch - includes party favor
  • Erupting Fossil Excavation- includes party favor
  • Volcano Eruption
  • Rocky the T-Rex interaction time!

Contact us to inquire about addinag a dinosaur ride, additional dinosaurs or additional activities.

 This party takes approximately 45 min to setup and take down.