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Need an instant party! Look no further. Our Dino Adventure includes everything you need. Designed for children ages 1-8 years old, this party includes complimentary customized party pack including the invitation, thank you and decorations, your choice of a dinosaur ride either the stationery Trex or mobile Triceratops, up to 4 sand boxes with 30 plastic dinosaurs which are also party favors and a baby dinosaur such as a baby Triceratops, ankylosaurus, or Trex for an additional educational and photo opportunity. Rides and baby dinosaurs choices are subject to availability and must be specified at the time of order to reserve. Includes 30 plastic dinosaur party favors for up to 30 children. Each additional child over 30 is $3.75 each.

Activities Include:

  • Complementary Party Invitation pack-Personalized invitation, thank you card, party favor tags, water bottle labels, birthday banner, Cupcake toppers, food tents. Print these on your own color printer and card stock or take to Kinkos or a vendor online. This free and you can use it or not.
  • Pick one of our rides for a chance to ride a dinosaur and a great photo opportunity. Pick from either our stationery Trex. He is 13 ft. from nose to tail and stands 5 1/2 ft tall at the back. Children sit in a chair with safety belt. Rocky the Ride's tail wags, head moves, eyes blink, mouth opens and closes and he roars for an exhiliarating experience. He requires at least 15 ft x 8 ft space on a level paved surface with access to electricity. Santiago is a mobile Triceratops. He requires a minimum of 20 sq. ft. to drive and turn. He also has sounds and requires a flat paved surface such as a sidewalk. We need clear access from our trailer parking to this area free of steps, curbs, grass etc. If we go over grass we need something like plywood to roll the ride over. 
  • Pick from our herd of baby dinosaurs which dino to meet, interact with and take photos. Choose from  Rebel the Baby Trex, Sampson the baby ankylosaurus or Scout the baby triceratops
  • Includes from 2 to 4 dino dig boxes filled with saw dust (lighter and clearner then sand)  and 30 plastic dinosaur skeletons to excavate. These are 4 ft x 4ft 
  • Plastic dino party favors for up to 30 children

Contact us to inquire about adding a Dinosaur ride or additional dinosaurs to this party!

This party takes 30 minutes to set up and lasts 1-1:15 hr.