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Razer is a young Deinonychus and is often  mistaken for a raptor, but he is in fact the dinosaur that was used in the movies such as Jurrasic World.  Rocky is a young Trex. Both carnivores will come to your party or event for 30 minutes each of interaction and photo opportunities.We send a Dino Wrangler along to manage the dinosaurs and oversee the interaction and photos.  The total party time is not too exceed 1 hr and 30 minutes. Children will get to interact with both Razer and Rocky, learn fun facts about the Deinonychus and the T-Rex  and have a chance to get their photo taken with both dinosaurs.

We require a parking space within 50 yards of the event with enough space to park our truck and trailer which opens from the back of the trailer and a clear walking path to the event. This is approximately 5 car lengths. We do not back the trailer in or out of parking areas so there needs to be ample room to pull through.

Razer is 7 ft long and Rocky is 9 ft tall and 14 ft long so there needs to be ample space for him to turn around. Neither dinosaur does stairs and both dinosaurs have sounds.

To optimize your Rocky and Razer experience we suggest that you turn off any music and bounce houses so the children are not distracted and can hear the presentation. 

Contact us to inquire about adding a photographer, videographer, additional activities, dinosaur ride or additional dinosaurs to this party!