Just Rocky


  • Dino Encounter Ranger Party
  • Dino Encounter Ranger Party


Rocky will come to your party or event for a 45 minute visit. Children will get to interact with Rocky, learn about the T-Rex and dinosaurs and have a chance to get their photo taken with Rocky. This event takes 15 minutes to set up for a total visit time of 1 hr. We require a parking space within 100 yards of the event to park our trailer and a clear walking path to the event. Rocky is 9 ft tall and 14 ft long so there needs to be ample space for him to turn around.

Travel allowance: Anything outside of Orange County we need to charge for gas and time. $25/hr travel time and  $3/gal or current market price for gas.

Cancellation Policy: Deposits are non-refundable. In the event of rain, events have an opportunity to reschedule one time. Dino Encounters reserves the right to cancel a reservation if payment in full is not received within 24 hours of the event. In addition, Dino Encounters reserves the right to cancel and or leave an event if there is hostility, foul language, abuse of alcohol or drugs or Dino Encounters determines there is risk of injury to its staff or damage to its property. If damages occur to Dino Encounters property while at an event by the host of the party or any of its guests, the host of the party will be held financially responsible.